Salim Gasmi personal web site

  About me:

Welcome on my home page.

If you are reading this page, you are curious and want to know more about me.

I'm a 47 years old man, married with a son .

I'm a computer science specialist with more than 23 years of experience.

My specialities are :
- Networking (TCP/IP, v4/v6, routing BGP/OSPF, MPLS, security)
- Unix (Administration, shell scripts)
- Coding (C,php,bash,Android)
- Hosting High traffic web sites

You can consult my certifications.

Currently I'm the CTO of SdV, a french hosting company.

I love creating things like programs, games and cool projects.

I also play clarinet and especially klezmer and eastern music (a small sample of what I play).

You can contact me at : salim[at] .

Salim aka Himred.